“Turn On Thee” my ninth ekphrastic response for National Poetry Month prompted by another painting by the inspired Marcel Herms.    

09 Jailtime[24009]

Turn On Thee

Some folk are dogs.
Slightest tha does
their liable to turn on thee.

Even when tha
just play, roll them on
their back an tickle,

their teeth are out,
and might not mean it
but soon tha forearms

a bloody stump
an tha wishes they were
behind bars or muzzled.

Yon were like that.
Like she’s all peaceful like
laid there, but one time

She’s all pleasant as pie,
Next she bites chunks
out of thee and asks

“Have I hurt you?
What kinda questions that?
No lass thas just bitten

off me arm an clobberin’
me with the soggy end.


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