“A World Where” blurbs on the back of my new book. Thankyou to Kate, Ron and Matt.

After reading the poems in A World Where, anything seems within the bounds of possibility. At times dark, but with plenty of humour, the absurdity of our own world is renewed again and again through the kaleidoscope view of Paul Brookes’ imagined realities. A fascinating collection.

Kate Garrett, editor of Picaroon Press and Three Drops From A Cauldron

Paul Brookes is a rare & wondrous poet. Fully vested, mature, his poems work the line & surprise the reader & the English language with quantum muscularity & delightful, metaphoric insight. —

Ron Androla, author of “Confluence” (Busted Dharma Press) & many other books.

A world where, by poet Paul Brookes is a great trip through the life of a real original. These poems take you on a smart and interesting journey. Paul is a writer of unique talent and an original world view. He does not write like anyone else, which is rare in itself, that these poems are so good only makes you all the more glad you have them in your hand. This is a book worth reading over and over. Paul is a real talent and a powerful poet as I am sure you will agree.
Matt Borczon, author of “The Clock Of Human Bones”

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