So Ordinary I

know Orion’s Belt needs doing up. The Great Bear paces behind bars of broadband lines, tie their laces in a shoesky. Straighten tie of windows open to summer fever perfume. Pull up unholed socks and pick up your feet when you walk constellations. Don’t slouch, as it looks like you don’t want to be here amongst brassy hair, tongues and late mam’s resonant words.

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Loop The

insights of wrinkles into a sheepshank security, remove combustible cladding unsafe to kids riot in high rise youth. Action men cry at burnt out rooms alive with precious collected memories, their plastic melts with real tears as gifted flowers gather in streets hunkered support, kind cups of tea, curried delight in smiles. Hearts knot.


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“The To And Fro” and ” Fishman” kindly featured in The Poet By Day. Thankyou Jamie.

“The To And Fro” and ” Fishman” kindly featured in The Poet By Day. Thankyou Jamie.
abridged. and other poems in response to the last Wednesday Writing Prompt via @JamieDedes


angels in the nomenclature. Match fit. Tracking properly aligned so you run right. Pick right team from words lined up. They pray don’t pick me. Until you’re left with uncoordinated or slow. Put your best upfront. The goalrakers and speedfreaks, egoists and vanity merchants. Keep your authors under control. This is max. No more. You all over it’s think. Now it is.


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Notorious No

hassle as he wishes hedgecut steel step wobble head pain cut top off factor 50 aboriginal white suncreamed edit straggly fresh growth, uproot weeds, uproot straggly headache. Put ache in green bin, nettle ache legs and arms even though gloves more like wear sieves. Return steps upstairs careful not to hit wall pictures with clang. Steps go behind door covered with blanket as if dead, for now. Breathe deeply.

Tidy hedge, garden, tidy head



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We chose a day | Coffee Bruise Thursday | Paul Brookes

Thankyou to Michael for republishing this poem of mine from my 1993’chapbook

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

Tracy Describes Her Wedding Day

Paul Brookes

From The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley

We chose a day when the sun rising
all red and bruised my brother Jimmy said like the day was driven to commit suicide before it was born.
It was brilliant, he said like it was expecting.
And my ceremony in the church was too. Dad all puffed up and sweaty and red.
He was angry at Bill for giving me a child but I told him it would be a beautiful boy.
When I said ‘I do.’ he was so naffed off he had a heart attack and died,
and lilies grew out of his wound.
I put them in my bouquet and when I threw it all petals falling off like dandruff, Mary caught it.
She’s been blind since birth and smelt it coming towards her.
She’s always loved lilies.
At the reception Jimmy had…

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