We chose a day | Coffee Bruise Thursday | Paul Brookes

Thankyou to Michael for republishing this poem of mine from my 1993’chapbook

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

Tracy Describes Her Wedding Day

Paul Brookes

From The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley

We chose a day when the sun rising
all red and bruised my brother Jimmy said like the day was driven to commit suicide before it was born.
It was brilliant, he said like it was expecting.
And my ceremony in the church was too. Dad all puffed up and sweaty and red.
He was angry at Bill for giving me a child but I told him it would be a beautiful boy.
When I said ‘I do.’ he was so naffed off he had a heart attack and died,
and lilies grew out of his wound.
I put them in my bouquet and when I threw it all petals falling off like dandruff, Mary caught it.
She’s been blind since birth and smelt it coming towards her.
She’s always loved lilies.
At the reception Jimmy had…

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