A Better

than butter run on the odds. All or nothing down payment on fate. My wife was a bet between the only three men all among a gaggle of women. She were vivacious and talkative. “Bet you can’t bed her.” They said. “I don’t gamble.” I replied. “Only a bit of fun. What you got to lose? Look she’s on her tod, now. Go on.” So I did. We chatted all breaks all lunches. She told me about her tattooed boyfriend. “She’s taken lads.” was my excuse. Then she left but there were plenty of other lasses so how come I weren’t chatted up? Five years later when she were free and I asked her to marry me, she told me. “I’d got dabs on you so jimmied the odds. Gave ’em all Scarborough warning. Told them to keep their mitts off.”

via Daily Prompt: Better

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