Gusts ask to be heard, rain seeps under our skin and seems to know our weaknesses, snow banks our going on, all request acceptance of how they are with us, all argue their place as permanent though their actions flit past, an instant of hurt, a moment of recognition makes a plea for a more permanent welcome at another time. “Accept me as I am,” they demand. We weigh the damage and consequences, a decision must be made and agreed.


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My Label

can be seen by everyone. It is a fashion statement. My wife, I think it is her, although her face is not familiar has sewn my name into my clothes so if they get mixed up with the clothes of others in the home then they know which are mine. It is also a good reminder to me that she loves me and mothers me, though sometimes she seems unfamiliar, and I have to ask her who she is. She ought to be labelled so I know. Its so much easier when you know.


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begins with acknowledgement. I failed to put the top back on the toothpaste, the bins out, think ahead to clothes I might need that need washing, make friends with people I can trust, and that you approve of, vacuum at the right time of day so I don’t wake up the baby of the young mother next door, clean the patio and clear up the mess afterwards, listen to what you tell me and recall it, otherwise you will accuse me of early onset of Alzheimer’s, clean the bathroom thoroughly after I’ve used it, remember our wedding anniversary.

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nothing when you’re sat around, face in your phone, not communicating to one sat beside you like a spare wheel, talking to you and you can’t take your face out of your phone as I’m trying to engage you in conversation about what we ought to do about this and that, or tell you about my day and you glance up occasionally and nod with a “huh, huh” then stick your face in your phone. I bet if I sent you a text or messaged you on FB you’d respond with more. Death of conversation.

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