“The Moon” kindly featured by Jamie Dedes

LAST WEDNESDAYS WRITING PROMPT: What would be your fantasy about the moon? Tells us in poem or prose and share the link to the piece in the comments section below if you are comfortable doing so that we all might read it. This is light one. Enjoy! Renee Espiru (Renee Just Turtle Flight) said this […]

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deaths. Meaning in their life until they die in an event without meaning. All happens for a reason it is said. Rack our thoughts to find a why. Make sense of brokenness. Connect dots, complete cryptic clues, research and solve a nag of questions, to find yet more questions and distance is an enemy. We must bring it all closer than we can cope, see into its eyes, smell its breath and animal warmth and yet still be bemused. Attracted to those who are confident we pray they have a clue.


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In the purple blossom
of her bruises

she traces the shape
of his knuckles.

Cries at the glad fall
into the gentle browns

of his eyes, strength
of his black hair.

She learns how to leave,
how to say “no”.

Her Hair

I sleep one week with a blonde,
the next a redhead.

She despises her original
mucky brown.

Today she is purple,
so I’ll choose blue.

She is a woman of a certain age,
but, I want it like the photo
on front of the box.

Vibrant, bright, a blue sear
of sky.

Hope it goes.



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befall, happen; coincide, fall together, straight line continually approaching but never meeting a curve, health meets a curve, disease is continually approaching, let us fall together into a gutter of riches, smiles happen in waste, coincide with other laughter, extremism a symptom of belief in arrival of saviours, not a cause. Symptoms of health or disease.


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