The Celestial Hovel (6) The Gift

“The bishop needs to baptise the earth,”
says the Pedlar his legs stagger up,
“Mine too,” answers Waistcoat
as they help one another out the door.

Cool air slaps their ruddy faces
as they wobble, Waistcoat waddles
to a clear stream, Pedlar to stables.
Their bishops bless the elements.

His horse curry combed and dandy
brushed Pedlar is first to return
to the cottage for a quiet word
with the curious wife. “Wax

polish can be very slippery,
don’t you find? Gets on
your clothes and everywhere,”
from inside his coat he pulls

“Strapping Young Lad”, “Secret
Child.” The wife sighs, “Clever
arse. What is there here for it?
Accidents and bitterness.

Take it to someone as can give
it a life worth living, not random.
Take this too,” Her palm offers
a bright particle with it’s own light.

“You didn’t nick my ‘Unfaithful Wife.’
“No need. On last Wedding Anniversary
found it in a ‘With Sympathy’ card
from Waistcoat,” she sighs.

“Fools can be wise,” answers Pedlar
examining her bright gift.” I can’t
accept this. It’s you.” She waves
his return of it away with “An aspect, only.”

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