Letters To Each Other (Z to A)

Dear A,

Dust everywhere, since builders
elected to leave. Fetched dustpan

and brush. They say they clean up
afterwards but surfaces are covered.

I’ll be wiping them for weeks. Major
restructure always causes grief. You

pick yourself up. Look at the mess.
Heave a sigh and begin scrub

and polish. Find places where they
failed to fill in the holes, or left

jobs half completed. Of course it’ll
not be easy, but we decided to employ

them when lads in the village didn’t
want to get their hands dirty, because

they thought they were above such things.
G’s funeral was a quiet affair. Rain

kept off for once. Red, white and blue
roses from the Polish deli. Bless.

Zest for life,


PS Can’t miss grandkids charity dance tonight.

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