Celluloid Wicker Man

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2001: Narrative and Musical Parallels.

“Ultimately, 2001 is a film that suspends that coordination of the human body, and thus human nature, in such conditions- even as it suspends our final judgments about human nature in its open-ended conclusion about our future development.” Decker – (2007, p.101).

One of the biggest omens that a piece of music is given preference in cinema is when the visuals are dictated to rather than added to.  Kubrick’s opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey is a great example of this relationship but is also telling of the music itself.  Emphasis on the film’s score has always been a method of basic analysis of the film as this excerpt from Naremore’s chapter on the film from On Kubrick suggests:

“During the editing, Kubrick eliminated a few scenes and became so enamoured of the “needle drops” of classical recordings he had…

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Ligeti’s Atmosphères as a Musical Foreshadowing of Kubrick’s 2001- Part 3 (Musical Narrative)

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