My Robot Skin Forgets Thy Softness

At least me snout works,
 I can smell tha cherry lips,
 and strawberry perfume.

 When my old bod got weak
 and fell down more un stood up
 tha had me swap to this robot job.

 with “flexible skin-inspired touch sensors
 as store tactile information,
 like haptic memory”
 or some such, as manual said.

 Few decades on, this damn grip
 dunt know its own strength,
 damages stuff like fruit,

 your skin smells of strawberries.
 I used to be able to
 remember it soft,
 but “softs” only a word,
 with no memory
 of what it meant
 or means.

 My skin stored
 a handshake from another bod,
 their kiss, their hugs.

 It forgets now.
 Squeezes too hard.
 Hurts thee, and I can
 do nowt about it,
 ‘cept keep away from thee.

 Robot doctor has it

 “Your skins pressure-sensitive layer no longer
 detects changes in electrical resistance
 when force applied.”

 Usual doctorerly claptrap.
 Wants us to spend more cash,
 us can ill afford for the cure.

 It’s touch-memory loss.

 I squash a lot of fruit.

 I can’t touch thee.

 Bloody tear ducts work.

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