Your damned anthropocene

“We are as gods and might as well get good at it.”

 as Stewart Brand said, and you agreed.

 O, your presumption did not account
 for the delicacy of flesh and bone,
 the death wish of the human soul,
 even in this supposed transhuman age.

 You had an impact on my future,
 I’m not sure I forgive you.
 There is your clear signature
 in the fossil record , an observable
 sudden decline
 in the abundance and diversity of plant
 and animal life. Perhaps we should
 define your time from here.

 Did it start when we traced your pulse
 at the start of the Industrial Revolution?
 Your carbon-dioxide pulse that underlay
 what you thought was global warming.

 O, your dreams to guide mankind towards global, sustainable, environmental management. How could you see
 the juggernaut was unstoppable?

 And as we move our minds
 from this body to that,
 we do not lose the terrors of being lost,
 the night sweats of our own death.

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4 thoughts on “Your damned anthropocene

      • No, I don’t think you should. I should have read the poem first and worked out the meaning which is what I would do if I was reading a novel and came across an unfamiliar word. And then use the dictionary. I don’t read much poetry so I think my reading behaviour is under-developed. Anyway, I just read Your damned anthropocene again and liked it even more than the first reading. Have a great W/E.

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