a wisdom

I. hawked up, gossed out,
 a hard pellet of sin:
 jealousy’s scapula of shrew,
 greed’s jawbone of mole.
 envy’s rib of rat,
 lust’s vertebrae of mouse,
 pride’s chaetae of earthworm,
 sloth’s hindbone of chiffchaff.

 Wished a sparrowhawk’s
 stomach for gripe,
 acidity to dissolve most
 bones of disquiet.

 Small white live larvae
 of clothes moths feed on
 the compacted murder
 of fur and feather.

 II. Dissecting pellets of sin

 How to discover the sins?
 Half fill a pot with water
 add few drops of disinfectant.
 Place pellet in pot. Soak it
 until it sinks Take it out,
 blot off excess water.

 Use tweezers and cocktail sticks
 tease the sins apart.

 Careful as you go so nothing is missed.

 Remove bones or other items,
 clean them up, place to dry
 on newspaper.

 Note the basic material,
 or matrix, of the sin pellet.

 Is it mainly fur or feathers,
 or something else?

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