This Samhain

on your table place a skull,
 small animal skeletons
 of shrews, mice, rats disgorged by
 forest owls. Lay your gravestone
 rubbings as welcome placemats.

 Down the centre carved pumpkins,
 squash, carrots, swede amongst pine nuts,
 walnuts and berries, and dark
 breads, rye, pumpernickel, dried
 yellow, red leaves, open acorns.

 Fill a cornucopia
 with abundant fruit, apples, pears,
 leeks. Fill each cup with apple cider,
 sweet wine, or honey mead.

 Light all with fragrant candles,
 to flicker over the plenty.

 The table is a thankyou,
 a blessing on the goodness.

 Go outside, collect dead plants,
 to twist and turn and mold a man
 or woman to bring inside,
 and place on the table.

 Give thanks to them
 before you eat.

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