Three about keys

Keys lobbed in the fire

 Stable job


 Faithful spouse

 Grateful kids

 Happy death


 Stable job
 dimples are aligned the same way on each side, meaning the key doesn’t need to be oriented a certain way to work properly.

 with a cylindrical shaft and a single toothed end that is used to open warded locks. Warded locks, however, are no longer in use.

 Faithful spouse
 with a cylindrical shaft used to open tubular pin tumbler locks

 Lads night out
 a small, flat card that is inserted into a mechanism on the door to unlock it. The mechanism reads the signature, typically found on a magnetic strip on the card

 Grateful kids
 that rotate disc like tumbles, aligning them into place to unlock.  They are springless, and well-known for being impossible to pick

 Happy death
 its small teeth at the end of the key and its contorted blade shape

 fire hardening

 the forest of keys
 inside your head
 sometimes is sodden

 the keys swell too much
 cannot fit the lock
 to grains of thought

 your forest needs to be held
 over the fire to dry
 and harden the key

 to unlock the passages
 between thoughts, harvest
 nourishment from ideas.

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