what you can dig up


Take an aerial view of this thought,
note slight undergrown corn
in the field follows the shape
of an old idea.

smell corn dust

On the hills around
furrows and levels,
lynchets of ancient growth.

corrugated, crumbly

That bump in the landscape
appears out of nowhere,
could be a burial mound.

especially quiet

It would not be dwelling
on the past to uncover,
patiently reconstruct what
was once prominent here.

taste sweet air

It may lead to obvious
conclusions or highlight
an aspect we had forgotten.
Carefully, layer by layer, brush.



Put your protective gloves on
to examine any thought fragments,

feel their texture, rough, smooth,
leathery? Do they crumble easily?
What do they smell of? Decay
or fresh growth? Can you hear
any faint sounds emanating?
Gently shake it. Does it rattle?

Put one on your tongue,
roll it around your mouth.
Sour, sweet, acidic, alkaline?

Note all responses,
then carefully place
it back in the numbered box,
and store in the museum of memory

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