Every morning our tabby
 sits beside the grave
 beside the wall
 of her black predecessor
 Our lass and I joke
 she is speaking
 to her ‘grandma’

 My Nana hated cats
 who left “messages”
 in her garden
 “Don’t know how
 people can live
 with cat hair…

 disgusting how people
 let them walk
 on surfaces.”
 She never visited us.

 Cat and Nana never met.
 Their senses failed
 at the same time.
 Eyes, ears, mouth.

 Something told me
 not long after our cat
 went Nana would too.

 Arrived from work
 our cat rigor mortis stiff
 across her armchair.

 Three days later
 I got the phone call.
 Nana had fallen.
 I sat beside her
 hospital bedside.

 Arrived home to find
 a new tabby cat
 who asked me
 to stroke her
 in the way our
 black cat did.

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