The Gust


Gust says ‘ I can make hills jump,

and seas hills, I can make you suffer.’

You’re a bully’ says the quiet earth.

Gust says ‘I belong.’ then disappears.
Soil shouts ‘Who to?’
‘ I belong here.’ to Gust already gone

Gust returns lifts soil to another place.

Gust tumbled through the grass blades
‘I’ll spoil your hairdo.’,
‘Spread my seeds’ replied grass
‘I can always redo my hair later.’

Gust to rock ‘I will wear you down. I swear.’
and promptly forgot what it said.

Gust returned with grit in its teeth
unaware of what it had said.

Gust blew dead leaves into a blazing swirl.
‘I can make you live again’ it said.
No reply,

but a rustle from leaves on the tree above.

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