The Testimony of Thomas Upton

Thomas Upton, aged about 32 servant to Henry Wombwell

Master was in good health
on Easter Day.
he went
to Darfeld to evensong,
many folk went
with him,

according to custom
When evensong
were done,
and others went
on to Gorrells house

for a pennyworth of ale,
and mistress Wombwell,
Ralph Metcalf, Elisabeth
rode home soon
as evensong were done.

Afterwards Master,
and Edward Lee
to Wombwell.
I set up me horse,

came into parlour,
and mistress
were sat at table.
one at one side, one other
They had two cups of ale

they were accustomed to have.
I ate meat with other servants
sat at another table
in the parlour

And when Master took
the cup and drank
Mistress went out
the parlour door.

And then my master rose
leaned in a window
afterwards went
into the hall

I followed him asked him
‘How are you?’
‘Elisabeth gave me
a cup of ale

I am poisoned.

My master began to be sick
(Thomas Upton holds his head)
Ralph Metcalf came out
parlour to speak to master


My master said to him
Ralph, I pray thee
give me drink,
for Elisabeth Green

has given me drink
and I will no more
At her hands.

Ralph said Mercy, Sir,
I gave you no drink.

Mistress Kateren came in
again to the hall and said
I have been sick too.
It’s calf’s head

we had at Nicholas Gorrells.
My master went to bed,
and I went with him,
and master said to me

I am poisoned
and I said to him
Sir, if ought come to you,
I shall tell it.

Master said to me
Pray tell it to Sir Richard
Tempest for he
has helped me.

On Monday my master
got up from his bed,
but as soon as
he was sick again,

went to bed again
and never rested
until he was dead.

Women who wound
My master asked me
to fetch a green sod,
cut it into three

one laid at his heart,
and others under
either arm and they
wound him in two sheets

and buried him by
Ten of the clock
on Twysday
he died


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