The Testimony Of Elisabeth Green

I, Elisabeth Green,
to mistress Kateren,
master Henry’s wife
dwelled with master Henry
quarter of a year
before his death

I was at Mexburgh
with my mistress Kateren
when one Husteler
came to me and said
Henry would have me
come to him.

I told mistress Kateren
of it, who bade
me go to him,
and so I did.

When I got there
I told my master Henry
that for his worship
he needed to come
home at Easter,
and so he did.

At that time
I said no more to him,
but told him how
Shepherd had treated
Kateren evilly,
and therewith
Henry was angry at him.

Sir William Gascoignes servant
has laid rotten
bread in the house
at Shrovetide before.
Master Henry’s complained
himself sick at Mass
or at Easter day,
I cannot remember which
and I sat at table end
with him
and mistress at supper
of Easter day last past
and he desired me

to fetch him
a drink,
and so I did;
Ralph Metcalf
was not there,
at the time.

My master had no more
drink at supper
and one of Henry’s
children and Ralph Metcalf
drank of the same cup
and I knew not
Master was sick
before Monday,
but neighbours said
he was sick in the town
at afternoon,
I never asked him
for forgiveness and
he offered to kiss me
diverse times
when he lay sick,
and I sat on his bed
and I asked how he was
and he said well
and Thomas Upton
said he will do well
if I lay down,
at his back,

I was not content.

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