The Shepherd’s Testimony

And Death said:

Henry and his wife Kateren
had between them
for eight years
prior to his death
great malice, grudge,
dissension, discord.

It is said Kateren
many and sundry times
procured and imagined
the death of her husband
Henry Wombwell

Three years estranged
before he died

The Shepherds Testimony

Between January and March 1531
whilst Henry visited London
I, Thomas Shepherd
a tenant of Henry’s
was discharged by Kateren,
from his ground.

Upon Henry’s return
from London
ground was returned.
But Kateren drove
my beasts
away from my ground again.

I visited Henry
who was staying
at Mexborough
and requested
my closes be returned,
and asked why
Henry did not return

Henry staying at Mexborough
almost two years
said to me
he feared poisoning
commanded me
to gather his rent.

Kateren came to my close
and because I was still
there killed one
of my sheep.

Easter Day,
Darfield Church Mass over
Henry and Katerin rode
home passing
my Close
my wife
Bade good morrow
Henry bade same
Katerin none.

Easter day afternoon
at one Bradley’s home
I over heard Richard Lumby,
servant to one John More

Say ‘Kateren said
Ay, Roger
I love not him
I shall have my will
both of thy master
and Shepherd.’

Henry dead
Katerin sent word
that I leave.

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