Invisible Town suffers

 Invisible Town: only has orphaned children, who scavenge bins, old farms, desolate supermarkets, learn to kill chickens, rabbits, survive

Invisible Town: has built in obsolescence and eternal reinvention. Dreams made of new materials with a decay date.

Invisible Town: is a bomb shelter until others invention is strong, deep enough to bring blood, remove safety

Invisible Town: is coastal as all towns. Fishing main job. All Fisher people. Sewing nets, fleshing catches, praying for safe return.

warnings go out. Move. This house/school/building will be demolished. If message not heeded your memory will be honoured.

conctete motorways, flyovers, high rise living are the thing. Little homes squeeze into a few feet. Noise abatement unknown.

Barefoot is the new black. Feet are judged as to cleanliness, artistry. Tattooed is trending. Foot Features on the famous

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