Invisible Town grows

People unaware of future build houses on past, make layers over ancestors, history is a foundation stone, statue, plaque.

Fields, green, gold, purple separated by hedges, woods, can be seen for miles around. Farmers market town.

No houses, no shops, only cars, lorries, caravans, boats. All on move. Snack food, traffic convoys. Mobile towns, no rest.

where strangers pick up strangers No one knows another, because they do not know how. Families are unknown to each other.

Silence compulsory as  people need to listen to gusts special language, sometimes warm gentle touch, others cold ferocious.

No maps, no street signs, no road signs. People navigate with natural signs, moss on trees, plants grow particular places.

Deliberate acts have random consequences. Blow on your food to cool it down, people die in missile attack.

2 thoughts on “Invisible Town grows

  1. Hello again Paul. Just read your blog ‘Invisible town grows’ I enjoyed it and thought it was a reflection of society, present and quite possibly the future. Your thoughts and observations are interesting, and I like your style.
    Hope my comments make sense to you.

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