Fag Ash

closer towards her.

Another three o’clock morning


drink together on the couch. Between fags

Move away from your mothers?

never understand till you do.

Cans/ fags grow

 Our feet covered in ash.


kick empties
grey mist rises.

Her hand caresses my thigh

Don’t know!

She sighs. The music too loud.

l owe my mother.

We cough hold our ears.

 Lose each other in mist

Sup again to wet our throats,

 clatter down grey hills.

What do you owe her?

She saved me from debt.

Emotional blackmail!

Stand up to her!

Lager and menthols between us


stereo muffled,

lifted by rubbish.

Her legs cross away

I’m trying to help you!

I know

We made love this time last night.

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