Brimham Rocks (1972)

Small hands hang inside
Pale blue Ford Anglia window bottom
Watch hurried mares’ tails flick sky
As worsted jacket, waistcoated grandad drives over the sandy side road
Bare shorted legs dangle over Tartan picnic blanket/ car seat cover, let loose easy leap Millstone rock to rock, small hands, feet sure of themselves in youth, adventure dark hollows, Spiderman up weathered smooth sanded climb till Mam/Dads shouts call down for milky tea poured from top blue flask white plastic cream cup, coleslaw, crisps, cheese and cucumber sandwiches, then one last clamber before home snuggled into car seat blanket waft Golden Virginia grandads tobacco pouch, lullabied thud, engine rumble
Cradled to bed by Dads arms.

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