The Desiccated Bus Shelter

as a poem

Desiccated Bus Shelter is ideal on your cereal in the morning. It gives renewed energy, vigour and hope.

Desiccated Bus Shelter on your lunch,
gives that extra kick to continue the day,
enabling you to punch through to days end with a feeling of real achievement.

Desiccated Bus Shelter as an accompaniment to your evening meal encourages restful winding down of a days labour, relaxation and repose.

as a political/artistic statement

For those who feel modern politics is ineffective, Desiccated Bus Shelter: reshuffling the Shelters glass is a more effective communicator.

Desiccated Bus Shelter: And if not political, then because they can, like Hillary and Everest. It makes you proud to be British.

Desiccated Bus Shelter: an art event, a happening, a situationist response to geographical stimulus. A radical take on the objects purpose.