ottermeat to wormrich

One Eye an two mates, Mud King
 an Clever Sod stroll Dearne River
 an Clever says “Am reight peckish”

 “as tha ever ad Otta? Reight nice.
 an he waits by bank, rags one
 stones its head an skins it.

 meks a fire side river, cooks meat.
 Soon arrive at fellas house,
 who says “That were ma son tha et.”

 Small King says “That’s ma changeling
 son’s pelt on thee shoulder”
 an chains One Eye, Mud King and Clever

 “If one o’ thee can pay ransom,
 I’ll let thee all go.” King says.
 “I’ll sort it, lads.” agrees Clever.

 Clever knows a rich lad called Careful
 works winding wet o’ River Dearne.
 Sat by weir side he waits and waits.

 Clever crouches wi net by weir.
 Sudden gold fleck flitsup
 “Let me go.” cries leaper caught.

 “an Careful what will tha gi us
 for freein’ thee?” asks Clever.
 “All ma gold.” cries Careful.

 “an finger torc rahnd thee tailfin, too.”
 “Aye, that an all.” and Careful
 shows Clever where his gold is hid.

 Fetchin’ rich ransom back in otters pelt
 to Small King, Careful slips Clevers net,
 curses all who use his finger torc.

 Seeing rich otter pelt gold packed
 Small King releases One Eye an
 Mud King, forgets his grief

 Brothers Hugger an Counsel say
 “Dad can we av share o’ this glitterin’
 pelt?”. “No.” says small king.

 Hugger steals finger torc .
 “Giz a hug, Dad.” an as his Dad does
 Hugger slips knife between his ribs.

 Counsel says ” Otter pelts rs nar bruv.”
 Hugger’s eyes now a snakes.
 “Giz a hug, Counsel.” Counsel flits

 Hugger’s hunger hoards huge
 gold, silver on Glittering Heath
 burns all who would have it

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