It is a strange trick.

Hear distant sound on road see car lights up close.
Bright white headlamps run at angle to security camera.
We’re not allowed Teevee. This is better.
We control our point of view.
controls in old pit managers office.
One camera bolted to one leg of pit head gear. Another on corner of our flatroofed office.
pit stack is silhouette.
golf course on outskirts bright till 11. A high point.
We walk down long well-kept drive at 3.30 look at orange lights
of villages/ towns spread out below. call them diamond necklaces,
they’re broken.
Looking through lens
cars all light for a second.
One brightness

separates into two distinct blazes. follow their drive past
see two become one again.
Sometimes with car behind another, one becomes four.
cameras only see shades black/white.
One by one cameras will stop working and controls taken away.

Sometimes local police comes for coffee. Chat on crimes committed in town.
We wait for our inspector turning into drive,
exit back way. make it look like we’ve been patrolling.

Reinvent Remains

Reinvent remains.
As Security Guard
protect valuable rust, walk redundant coal Washers
who’s decaying steel Washers frame a site a village.
observatory to some guards,
ancient paths across compound.
bomb sites after a war, wpid-img_20140428_100650.jpg
adventure playground’ for kids throw stones at unused Washers. A guard shouts ‘Oi! Bugger off.’
Accuses them making wasteland useful
An art gallery: artists,
photograph pencil record outline, display remains. wpid-img_20140428_100603.jpg
pits filled in.
Soon bulldozers remove inappropriate make an industrial estate.
spoilheap remains
invented as an ordinary hill. Every year while it grew
ancient footpaths raised.
Redundant miners and their dogs haul upwards now stare down at flatroofed units
potential industry.

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