Before the morning

let me light your dark
 in flicks with pale blue.

 Let me make you cold,
 no pulse, confused,
 forgetful, tingling
 Let my concussive
 shock wave lose your ears,
 listening, hearing,

 give you hypertension,
 fixed and dilated
 pupils. Inhale burn.

 Let me flower over
 your skin, feather your
 flesh with red tattoo
 spindly tree ferning,
 fuse your sand into
 glassy tubes, twig limbs.

 Let me shower live
 electrons on your skin
 singe hair and clothing
 shred or blow apart
 your sensible clothes,

 explode your shoes from
 inside; magnetize
 your watch, cuprify
 brass grommets, zippers,

 while you sacrifice
 two dark oxen and
 round honey cakes to
 placate my moods.

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