Day 17 ~ In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes~ Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge ~2023


Inspired by Artworks of Aaron Bowker Beth Brooks Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad and Sara fatima Mir

When I tread on ground or grass ,trees and flowers and plants I pass, flies buzz around,butterflies flutter, ants walk in line as if to class
see the deer at home in the meadow, no water flow , just grass
obedience extreme, heads bowed low, listening to music divine
can anyone hear the strumming of the banjo?

In line for audition, all perfect actors, extra large tyres
the common factor, colors can vary and so can the function-but each one is surely known far and wide
as the field helper tractor

O Angel in red, how exhausted in despair
You seem, losing flight to check our plight-
Pray for forgiveness for all mankind,
you are aware of the sickness that
ails the dwellers of many towns-
Pray for forgiveness for despite our…

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