Inspiration for Spirit Mother

Patricia M Osborne

As there’s no Tuesday Guest Feature today, I thought I’d give a little background information about what inspired me to write Spirit Mother: Experience the Myth published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. Now seems the appropriate time to share as copies have recently landed on Hedgehog Poetry Pressmembers’ doorsteps as part of the Cult of the Spiny Hog quarterly bundles.

Spirit Mother was a follow on from my debut poetry pamphlet, Taxus Baccata, which originated from my MA Creative Writing dissertation researching myth around trees. Discovering myths was fascinating, I loved discovering wonderful stories, so much so, I decided to extend the research, not only to trees, but to flowers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies etc. In fact if I see a photograph, I’m particularly inspired by Mike Powell’s photography, I check out to see if there’s any myth around that creature, flower or tree.


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