Seven Visual Poems – Matthew Klane

IceFloe Press

Whiteface Mountain

A middle class white couple -- middle-aged -- privileged -- run behind a sign that reads: 4867-FT ABOVE SEA WHITEFACE MTN. Pale yellow background.


Sky lighter and darker in the shape of a house architectural template floating in the center of the pale yellow-green background.

The Second Phase of Construction

An office building -- under construction -- below a bulldozer, bits of concrete. A template of 'civilization, construction, sameness of contemporary architecture


Text Collage Block Letters: 


black background white block lettering 
Like a sign.

Revitalized Park

Collage of 2 men one woman with shovels digging -- the ground is torn cut paper.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse -- a man with arms folded in front of his chest, wearing a hospital gown - yellow -- green pants -- His head is replaced by a circular landscape scene of pristine nature: sky, mountains, trees, water.

Public Spaces

Two cut out figures -- cartoon ciphers -- a police man, a little girl -- between them mountains with snow and forested mountains-- cut in the shape of a wave.

Matthew Klanehas an MA in Poetics from SUNY Buffalo and an MFA in Poetry from the IowaWriters’ Workshop. His books includeCanyons(w/ James Belflower, Flimb Press 2016),Che(Stockport Flats 2013) andB(Stockport Flats 2008). An e-chapbookfrom Of the Dayis online at Delete Press, an e-bookMyis online at Fence Digital, and a chapbookPoetical Sketchesis available from The Magnificent Field. Recentcollagescan be found online inAfternoon Visitor,Breakwater Review,Dream Pop, andSixth Finch. He currently lives and writes in Albany, NY. Twitter: @matthewklane

Order Sequence and Layout: Robert Frede Kenter

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