Poetry Showcase: Jeremy Limn (March 2023)

Fevers of the Mind

Poem 1

We wonder in shadows
of previous lovers.

and the sun drenches our
shadow with memories of
Bruce Springsteen.

And you won't forget me.
And I won't forget the way
you loved me nor will I
forget the way I loved myself.

Poem 2

Subterranean sheets of melody 
hang around your neck 
I can only see it 
nobody else can
and there is a moonbeam
in between us
in between lost memories  
from Nagasaki 
I hold its goodness in mg
green tweed jacket's pocket 
with a lapel shaped like
your lips 
I feel it alive 
do you?

Poem 3 A deluge of Bob Dylan as The next Pope of mankind And it's a cold Febuary day and lyrics come when I need them the most a maxim tied to my fat thighs and God needs me, I don't need you, and stitched to my neck is you a straitjacketā€¦

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