Poetry Showcase: Jay Maria Simpson

Fevers of the Mind

art by Edvard Munch


We walked into your apartment today
and found you lying in a bed of snow
We touched you with the care of a mother
We washed away the stains of youth
You have that smile
oh, that contented smile
that is bursting with love
and lonely nights
Your hair is long and softly golden
your curls swirl around the broken mirror
that tried to cut your wrists
and that careless lock of hair
We watch you silently
your static face
fanned by the swirling light
and a breeze that chills the room

Nightmare We fell about each other laughing as our bodies rolled and touched and smelt of familiar perfume of simple pleasure and life jugs full of wine and cigarettes burning in ashtrays and on Persian carpets jugs of foaming beer and joy of Africa and circus tents elephants dancing for coins in our…

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