“Created Responses To This Day” Chaucer Cameron responds to one of my This Day images. I would love to feature your responses too.

The Takeaway

Savoury or sweet, hearing footsteps
on repeat, chilli caught between the teeth

ice cold larger in its can,
grip the railings with one hand

steady on your going to trip
plastic walls or maybe brick

and the tiger in its cage
pushed so hard against the bars

hearing footstep
on repeat – sick to death of steps like this

such a shame the parrot’s squawk
she was fast tracked, walked the walk.

-Chaucer Cameron

Bio and Links

Chaucer’s poetry has been published in journals, magazines and anthologies. Chaucer is creator of Wild Whispers (2018) an international poetry film project, and regularly curates and presents poetry film at events and festivals. Co-editor of the online magazine Poetry Film Live.

  • Poetry films screened in UK and internationally.
  • Contributor to Moving Poems: the best poetry videos on the web.
  • Poetry and monologues performed at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham.
  • Founder member of Poetry Factory, a critical poetry collective.
  • Poetry film workshop facilitator with Swindon Poetry.
  • MA in Creative writing from University of Gloucestershire.

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