Alphabet Poem

Spriha Kant


Accepting the truth our relationship has crumbled
Because remaining stuck in the past doesn’t work practically
Continuing my life afresh
Doing paintings and calligraphy
Emerging as an emotionally independent single woman
Fiercely facing all the blowing gusts individually
Guttering tears have stopped flowing from my eyes now
Hollowed hopes are now pitter-pattering with desirous raindrops
Including a to-do list in my target column
Joys are smooching me now
Keeping away all the things possessing our moments together
Loving myself
Moving on toward that point where the distance between us is of leap years
No need for any love in my life anymore
Organizing all the cluttered books in my library
Praising all the good poetries of others by myself with a cup of coffee
Quitting unnecessary mental stresses
Revamping my looks, old poetries, and interior of my home
Singing my favorite songs in…

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