Folktober Challenge, Day 7

Spriha Kant


(Inspired by the Image “F 1. 7. The Kelpie”)

The silent Loch says a lot about that menacing spirit— rumoured or real, no idea.
There is no trace of any chunk on the edge of or nearby a river¬— either that menacing spirit is no more than an imaginative dark character in that story or all the entrails have been skeletonized.
But I have seen no trace of any skeleton anywhere yet.
No black horse is standing nearby the edge of the river either.
I have spotted
a handsome man
with water weeds in his hair
having feet with hooves
reversed to that of a normal horse
a rough and hirsute man
An unearthly wailing
from the river
has just started
gliding in my ears
Now climbing the steps of the sound higher
Shivering down my spine!
Oh! no! I do…

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