NEW FEATURE: SYNERGY: CALLING ALL WRITERS WHO ARE PHOTOGRAPHERS I will feature your work photos and writing individually on the Wombwell Rainbow. A special feature for you alone. Please DM/message me if you’re interested. Photo essays are great, poems should accompany one of your images that inspired them. Poems within the photos are also great, such a haiku, and so forth. Any theme you choose, at the moment. May get more specific as time goes by. Experimental work most welcome. Our fifth Synergy is from Frogg Corpse.

frogg corpse photo

The photo taken by Frogg Corpse is of Asters (White Heath) taken September 17th, 2021 and shot in Louisville, Kentucky in William Taylor’s backyard.

Pandæmonium in White Heath

Lost was I, to the enchantment ov sprigs,
weaved from the pluckings of their nest.
roosting autumn — Persephone throned
aster-melting twilight: calm.

Thoughts of wind, which name drew
threshing petals encircle strife,
offering wheat: by nysian mule
stripped near summers dried.

Terra cotta touch
pomegranate pressed
unceremoniously bound;
love undying — tithed to omen
until new winter coughs-back-out.

Athenastras Coveting Ostara

Bittersweet · seeds consumed
elysian well spitting alba,
golden roads balmed by chariot
anointing silver-lakes in parting

Caressed by Artemis,
mourned by Nyx,
garnet leaves:
trickle into the temple of ever sleep.

Bricked hands wed with balefire
Magic conscripted near Hecataea
Three dog moon
Observance: sorrows torch.

-Frogg Corpse

Bio and links

-Frogg Corpse

is a poet, vocalist, and photographer from Louisville, KY who in 2011 published a memoir titled The Mourning Hour which was rereleased October 30th 2022 by Cajun Mutt Press. 

From 2014-2022 Frogg has performed Spoken Word at Gonzofest. Gonzofest is a Louisville event celebrating the work, life, and legacy of Hunter S. Thompson. In 2019, Frogg had written a guest blog for 48HrBooks on documenting your dreams to improve your writing, as well as performing in a 2020 SlamPoetry event hosted by Suli Breaks. Frogg Corpse also performed as Hop-Frog in Poe vs Lovecraft: tales from beyond the grave, a radio play, in partnership with the Jeffersonville Township Library, Company Outcast, and the SoIN tourism board of Indiana.

Featured poetry by: Cajun Mutt Press, Necro Magazine, Artifact Nouveau Magazine, LEO Weekly, Written Tales Magazine, Poetry Global Network, Ponder Savant, Red Penguin, and Poetry Super Highway.

You can follow Frogg: @froggcorpse on Instagram.

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