Jeff Gallagher: Tardebigge

The High Window

tardebigge 2


Jeff Gallagher is from Sussex, UK. His poems have featured in publications such as TheRialto, Shooter, Dreich, Littoral and The Journal. He has had numerous plays for children published and performed nationwide. He was the winner of the Carr Webber Prize 2021. He has been a teacher of English and Latin. He has also appeared in an Oscar-winning movie. He has no handles.


The origin of the name ‘Tardebigge’ is unexplained. It is the site of a flight of 30 locks on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. The narrator entering this landscape desires to become unknown or at least to ‘begin again from nothing’ after a series of traumatic events. The canal, built by her ancestors, is the one straight and constant thing in her life. It provides for the fugitive a means of escape and a destination that enables her to bring her…

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