GlomagMarch2022- My Name is TABRAHS ALUG

The Salamander Chronicles - Don Beukes Marsh Africa Coetzee

© Esteban

My Name is Tabrahs Alug

Occupied – My tribal cultural homeland invaded segregated splintered invaded burned splintered infested terrorised despised overcome fragmented hated shredded shunned infiltrated smothered deleted trampled bullied punctured blinded damned cursed outnumbered dissected dismissed dehumanised fractured by war- mongering bloodthirsty soulless vacuous self- crowned tsars obsessed with leaving bloodstained permanent emotional cultural traumatised charcoal psychological burnt scars branded deep into charred fragile souls- An apocalyptic shared trauma erasing treasured deep-seated precious memories of lost childhoods proud neighbourhoods shared cultural pride and the sanctity of motherhood disturbed faded by dark entities infected mentalities warped forced realities acid tears lava fears emotional spears false larks cheering …

Exodus – Our forced exit our beloved ancestral land determined by inhuman usurpers armed with unimaginable weaponry forever to attempt to imprison our minds cultural heritage customs, our souls whilst burning any escape routes hoping we would remain to bow…

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