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A writer & her adolescent muse

Throughout the month of April, I am taking part of the annual Ekphrastic Challenge over on The Wombwell Rainbow – hosted by Paul Brooks.

This Challenge is a collaboration between three artists and nearly a dozen writers including myself.


April 4th

Artist Gaynor Kane

The Eggshell

I spied

A broken eggshell

Empty of life

While hiking on a trail

An eagle circled above

The towering evergreens

Has this been its meal?

Or a lost eaglet?

A chirping turned my eyes

Further from the path

In the coarse, yellowing grass sat a nestling

Its feathers fuzzy and white

I pressed my palm against my heart,

Sweet relief!

I happily tiptoed away

Leaving the Momma

To tend to her

Very disgruntled



If you would like to read poetry by the other writers – click here.

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