Day 4, Ekphrastic Challenge, Two Poems

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

Inspired by AWD4, “Hidden Crime”


There were The Rules
and The Rules had to be obeyed–
it didn’t matter what they were
they didn’t exist to make sense,
only to break us.

She knew they would come
the figures with robes the color
of the sky–
they tried to kill her love
of blue
but had to kill her instead

because she dared
to speak, to write, to paint, to sing

in every shade and hue

and inspired others
to mark the walls

with her symbol
a blue-eyed horse–

one day, they’d ride it
and gallop to freedom.

Inspired by JPL 4

As Time Goes By

“The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by”
–Herman Hupfeld, “As Time Goes By” (1931)

We took a walk in the old neighborhood,
the rooftops glowed with welcome,
the window of our old attic flat smiled—
once sunlight streamed through…

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