Wombwell Rainbow Ongoing Book Interviews: “Love Like A Conflagration” by Jane Greer. Question 4.

love like a conflagration by jane greer

-Jane Greer

published and edited Plains Poetry Journal in the 80s and 90s. Harry Duncan’s Cummington Press published her first poetry collection, Bathsheba on the Third Day, in 1986. Lambing Press published her second collection, Love like a Conflagration, in 2020 and will publish her third in 2022. Greer lives in North Dakota. 

Lambing Press:


The Interview:

Q: 4: Australian poet, Les Murray, who was also Catholic, saw nature as the embodiment of God’s presence on earth. How do you see nature through your faith?

God is supremely loving, good, creative, and generous. Nature—from galaxies to subatomic particles and everything in between—is God’s creation. Nature is a proof of God, revealing him but not fully representing him (just as my poem is proof of my existence and reveals me but doesn’t fully represent me). There is broad, deep, universal order in nature, and everything is related. Only a Creator could make that happen. 


More answers tomorrow.

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