Wombwell Rainbow A Growing Into Book Reviews : “In The Taxidermist’s House” by Marion Oxley

After much chewing the cud, my weekly book reviews will become “growing intos”, so I will add a comment, a deliberation over the weeks until I am satisfied, for the moment that I have said enough. It is my organic process of assessment. Returning to the poetry is part of it. It is how I read. 

InTheTaxidermists-House marion oxley

An ecopoetic and zoopoetic powerhouse of a 28 poem collection. Her final poem “journey of the light travellers” is an empathic devastating critique of wind farms. “Woodlice” is from the insects point of view and, for me, captures it perfectly.

A lot of the poems enact transformation, metamorphosis “They come/the seekers of freedom/shedding the skin of crowds//Emerge/displaced and solitary/haunters of canal paths/

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