Wombwell Rainbow Ongoing Book Interview: “Just A Spit Down The Road” by Carol Parris Krauss. Question 3.

just a spit cover by carol parris krauss

-Carol Parris Krauss

lives in the Tidewater region of Virginia. Her work is distinctly Southern, with a strong sense of time and place. This high school English teacher is a watcher, and is not afraid to tackle current issues and concerns.

Carol serves as a reader for Full House Literary Magazine .

As a heads up here is a link to the 2019 interview I did with Carol: https://thewombwellrainbow.com/2019/02/25/wombwell-rainbow-interviews-carol-parris-krauss/

Q:3. How important is form in your poetry?

 I look to form choice last in almost all of my work. This is something I am working on, because the visual appearance of a poem is a reader magnet. I finish my poems, and then began to move, shorten, lengthen, and modify. I am not analytical, so the format poems such as the sonnet or ghazal, make my head pound a bit. I did include a haibun in  Just a Spit down the Road.


More answers tomorrow.

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