#folktober. Day Four. Jenny Greenteeth. She inhabits mostly still waters, enticing children into the water by having a green mat across the water. I welcome poetry/short prose/artworks.

Day Four – Jenny Greenteeth

I, Ginny Greenteeth

I, Ginny Greenteeth invite all of you,
boys and girls to dance and play on this green
mat, I’ve laid out especially for you.
Look how the sun shines on it. The wild sheen

invites your feet to press upon it, fetch
football to its wonderful pitch, not
scuffed up and muddy but fresh and fine, stretch
your legs, leap on this cool turf goal spot.

Don’t read those old, battered out of date signs.
Don’t listen to uncool mam and dad bleat
to you about playing safe. Where’s the fun time
in that? Risk it for a biscuit. Compete.

I will take you where you can play all day.
Step on this duckweed, don’t do as they say.

-Paul Brookes

Down By The Sea

Dayglo buoys cavorting
in the swell of a passing rib
splashing riotous colour
scattering raucous gulls

Selfie snapping girls
in Primark fluorescent fashions
strut and preen along the prom
for tombstoning boys
who are already gone
to claim the adulation…
Their prize…
from the grockles whose eyes
can’t believe the sight they are seeing
as an empty plastic bottle
whirls wildly…
in the centre of a circle of ripples
where moments before
a young boy punctured the meniscus
on his way to the other side

Attention seeking lights
flash bright actinic blue
splashing electric highlights
on the pale faces of the silent crowd

-Peter Roe – August 2019

Bios And Links

-Peter Roe

lives in Bridport on the Jurassic coast. He is a prize winning performance poet, artistic, autistic, computer geek and technology nerd. A former Bard of Dorchester and host of Bridport spoken word night Apothecary. Founding editor and publisher of the Jawbone Collective. A self confessed nerd and technology junkie who likes to shatter peoples misconceptions about Aspie computer geeks! In July 2021 Peter was Highly Commended for his forthcoming collection “About Time”. He has been published in ‘Siren Poets’ in 2020. Short listed In Blandford Poetry Prize 2019, Runner up in Bridport Short Story Slam 2018, Finalist in the Apples and Snakes South-West Slam 2018, long listed in ‘Writing Without Limits’ for The Yeovil Literary Prize 2017 and winner of The Western Gazette Best Local Writer 2017. He has been widely published online and in print. Has two published collections of poetry. His debut poetry collection ‘Technology Bytes Back’ (2018) comes from that place where technology meets people and the inevitable mayhem that follows. His second collection “i’m in Love with My Barista” came out in July 2019 to coincide with a series of Fringe events. and show ‘Jawbone’. His fringe event ‘North Verses South’ for 2020 was postponed…

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