#GreatBigGreenWeek 18th – 26th September. Day One. I am looking for your words/artworks/photos on Climate Change. I would love to feature your #ecopoetry, your #ecoartworks, your #ecophotos your short #ecoarticles, here. Your #ClimateChangepoetry, #ClimateChangeArtworks. I will feature your work in my blog posts during this period.

Great Big Green Week Day One.

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For the nature poets

Globe-scattered stars,
un-met in the most part.
Yet word-chimes harmonise,
gentle laments synchronise.

Soft songs of earth-angels
eddy together,
a river of elegy sighs.

Bards weep beside
once-sweet streams,
Lost crystal lakes of old tales
In their lines and dreams.

-Polly Oliver

Urban Shade (“Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs” – The Guardian)

Under heat-weighted trees I try to remember how to breathe.
Lungfuls seem thin, un-nourishing. (Anxiety, I chide myself doubtfully.)

Sweat trickles tickle like fly legs.
Weary chipping of dusty sparrows
dulled by engines.

Gasping leaves barely shift, drop dryly to asphalt.
Sap retreats inwards to ride out crisis.

Searing sky the eye of God –
Scorching glare on desert
outside Eden.

-Polly Oliver

Disintegrated Seasons (Haiku)

Butterfly beating
a frantic path through raindrops –
climate out of joint.

-Polly Oliver

Apocalypse Prayer

How close to chaos
hand’s bark coarseness
embrace permanence,
sky-touched guardian.
Guide me, Gaia,
green palmed destiny
do not troll, be kind,
define yourself; reborn
phalanges branch
broken promises forgive
replanting billion boughs,
stubborn minds must grow.
Lift up life’s mossy plane;
lux perpetua no longer,
curvature in darkness, burns
ungoverned villainy
wrecks blessed mounds
once all revered
now farmed, destroyed,
Help us evolve; past helpless
greedy children’s needs,
ascendency beyond
their selfish greed
meat challenges, surmount
rich grain sown better, life
redefined all better
within your Mother’s love
forgive their arrogance
before we
too late.

-Sarah Reeson

Bios And Links

-Polly Oliver
is a Broadcast Journalist and Communications freelancer. Polly has featured work in publications by Black Bough Poetry, The Wombwell Rainbow, The Tide Rises, Falls and Spillwords. She is Pushcart prize nominated and was Poet of the Month and runner up for Publication of the Year on Spillwords.

-S Reeson

[she/they] is 54, bisexual and married with two children: they have suffered anxiety for all of their life, and started telling stories as a ten-year-old in order to help them cope. Now, they write and record poetry, short stories and episodic fiction, whilst dissecting their unique creative process using both video and audio as the means to continue coping.

A considerable lived experience of mental health issues, a passion for niche arts and media and an undimmed enthusiasm for environmentalism combine, to allow creativity to emerge, and new stories and projects to be created. They love to experiment and push creative boundaries, and gain a huge amount of motivation and inspiration from talking about both the journey and continued evolution as a creative.

After winning a Poetry Society members’ contest (and reading that piece at the Poetry Café in Covent Garden) they attended the inaugural Mslexicon in 2019, chosen as their first ever participative literary event. In that same year they wrote 24 poems about their home town for the Places of Poetry online initiative, one of which is included in the official anthology published for National Poetry Day in October 2020 and subsequently reproduced by the Sunday Telegraph.

Their work has appeared in the Flights / Quarterly ejournalGreen Ink Poetry and has been published by Black Bough Poetry, and they are a regular participant in an increasing number of Zoom Open Mics, including the monthly event at Wordsworth Grasmere. They have self-published their own poetry chapbook, and have read poetry at the Essex Book Festival.

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