Franca Mancinelli: An Essay and a Short Sequence of Clear Seawater

The High Window

FrancaMancinelli-by Dino Ignani-7 second pic


Franca Mancinelli was born in Fano, Italy, in 1981. Ever since her first collection, Mala kruna (2007), she has been considered one of the most compelling voices in contemporary Italian poetry. Both Mala kruna and her subsequent collection, Pasta madre (2013), were awarded several prizes in Italy and later republished together as Mala Kruna and Mother Dough in a translation by John Taylor, under the overarching title At an Hour’s Sleep from Here (The Bitter Oleander Press, 2019). In 2018, The Bitter Oleander Press had already published her collection of prose poems in Taylor’s translation: The Little Book of Passage.

Mancinelli’s new collection of poems and poetic prose, Tutti gli occhi che ho aperto (All the Eyes that I have Opened), appeared in Italy in September 2020. Most of the pieces from this new book, as well as a substantial number of Mancinelli’s prose texts and…

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