#NationalMarineWeek 2021 24th July – 8th August. Sixteenth Day August 8th: What Should We Do For Sealife?, Have you written unpublished/published poetry/artwork about what we should do for sealife ? Poetry and Artworks/photo challenge. When a week is sixteen days to account for the tides in Britain. Here are the second eight day themes: Aug 1st: Crabs and other crustacea, Aug 2nd: Rocky Shorelines, Aug 3rd: Mermaids And Sea Monsters, Aug 4th: Sea Shanties, And Other Sea Songs, Aug 5th: Ocean Vegetation Aug 6th: Deep Sea Aug 7th: Shorelines Aug 8th: What Should We Do For Sealife?

Day Sixteen – What We Should Do For Sealife?

Seashore Code


Learn. Listen. Act.
We know the problems earth is experiencing
as a result of unsustainable living.
It takes collective will and unity,
ego-less leadership committed to evolution,
to affect a whole globe for greater good.

Greedy hearts of stone govern this fossil-fuel holocaust.
Until we stop fucking fracking,
ban slash-and-burn cash crop palm oil farming,
the earth’s deep nurturing soul will still be dying.

The ocean is snided with rubbish ;
we’re eating micro plastic. Why does it happen ?

It’s about what food we eat – and how it’s produced.
The current view : oceans are a fishery resource.
Meat and fish production takes up vast space.
Vegetarianism is a sound health choice and it relieves that strain.
Earth is a living breathing entire organism – Lovelock’s Gaia Theory.
The biggest change will need to occur inside the human brain.

The ocean could be farming nutritious kelp, if we had a taste for it.
There are bio-degradeable alternatives to packaging ;
so it’s about education and behaviour change,
harnessing innovation to solve man-made problems.

Adopting large scale renewables,
would drastically reduce fossil fuel use, with its choking oil spills.
If we electrified the grid, provided home chargers for e-cars,
we would no longer rely on it to drive the wheels our journeys.

Lobby the politician – Make positive change happen.
Health is wealth – The alternative is extinction.

Stop monoculture which exhausts both sea and land.
Stop over-fishing; let populations recover.
Value nature and conservation properly.
Protect our natural heritage with strong wildlife laws and designation.
A shark in a tank is not a wild creature at home – it’s a zoo;
Surviving is not enough. Creatures have rights too.
Take whaling, it’s a blood diamond –
where there’s conflict, there’s profit, but for who ?

Respect your children’s right to breathe clean air;
share and enjoy nature’s wild garden.
Give them chance to live in harmony ;
thrive in this blue-green Eden.

Climate change is our Armageddon.
7.8 billion human sheep inhabit this planet.
Fake news – fear and anger – corrodes unity.
While we remain divided and misinformed,
our chance of survival erodes.

What can humans do ? Cue Greta …
Lobby politicians for change.
Commit to climate action.
Stop land-filling the earth with holes.
Recycle more materials. Use less packaging.
Eat less meat, better still go veggie.
Reduce air miles – buy local and seasonal.
Purchase renewable energy. Drive an electric car.

Force our Government to invest in health and long term well-being
of natural and human environments in tandem.
Reject their bullshit economic argument about job creation;
ignore all the lies and misinformation. Switch the telly off.

This is mother earth’s planet,
not real estate owned by a megacorporation;
some waffly-verbose-manipulating politician.

Be proud of what you do and you –
This is mother earth’s planet, but England is your nation;
Your tiny slice of heaven.
What we buy and don’t buy counts,
What we demand strongly enough,

-John Wolf 8th August 2021.

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