Happy #InternationalCatDay Please join Elizabeth Moura, trixiedreamspank and myself in celebrating cats. Have you written about your cat (s). Got photos, artwork. I will feature your work today.

Cat by Elizabeth Moura

-Cat photo by Elizabeth Moura


-Photos by trixiedreamspank

No longer there

Did you call for me
Did you want me close
My thoughts are too late I suppose
At four in the morning you will come calling
Will I find you on my keyboard sitting
Will I be able to wear you as a hat you silly thing
When can I look forward to your reactions to new and shiny things
Like your expressions when the Christmas tree is lit and decorated
Will I get to see you climb it this year
And will you be there to throw it down each morning
Or come running when you’ve nipped the scent of fish frying
I won’t get to see you sleep with half of your body on the chair
Or in positions that made me laugh having me wondering if you had a care
Will I ever have to worry with which other cat you fought with
Which dog you’ve been chasing
Which part of the chair you’ve been clawing
Puss puss you silly cat
No longer will you be there
Because no longer you are here
No longer
You are gone


One of the dogs

She hung out with the dogs
She played with the dogs
She roughhoused
She guarded
She chased
Other dogs with the dogs
But she was no dog
I think
She was just a confused cat.

-trixiedreamspank (She says of these two poems “two poems I have written about my cat Princess that sadly was only around for just under a year.“)


A Cat’s Concern (From my “Self-Isolation Sonnets)

Bella is the abandoned cat rescued
By our dear late friend Big John and his spouse
who cleaning his jacket asked why cat food
treats pocketed when it’s not a cat house?

John tells her in preparing their new home
a little cat comes from the undergrowth.
Neighbours say she was left behind alone
when old owner sold house and loath

to see her starve have been feeding her scraps
but sorry they can’t take her in themselves.
He knows some cat lovers who will perhaps
take her in and care for her as themselves.

John and spouse renewed vows dressed as Beauty
and Beast so Bella does her nurse duty.

-Paul Brookes

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